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When was the last time that your insurance company gave you back money?  

This product has the ability to do that for you, without any risk of paying more than you would in the standard market. Those who qualify for SunzCare could:

  • Experience a reduction in cost.
  • Receive a portion of their payments returned for having a healthy year.      

Please contact us for more information as to how easy the process is to get started and to see if your company’s situation makes sense to explore this opportunity further. 

SunzCare is the newest and revolutionary healthcare solution in today's insurance world. It is a level-funded/self-funded option of providing group health insurance for small to medium size businesses. Whether you are a customer or a broker, Insurance Partners Plus invites you to explore the SUNZCare.  

What is level-funded? 

Level-funded plans were established so that employers would know the monthly cost of the health plan, just like the premium for the fully insured group health insurance.  No matter what the level-funded plan’s claims may be, the monthly cost will remain the same for the contract year. 

What is the market for SUNZCare? 

The minimum enrollment must be 5, however state requirements for self-funding prevail.  Because the group will be medically evaluated, SUNZCare wants healthy groups, which will be one of the determining factors in establishing premium rates.  Other factors will be age/smoking status/sex/type of business.

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