Affordable Insurance Solutions

Our unique approach to employee benefit programs can be customized to help you achieve your goals. We develop effective and affordable employer and employee solutions. We provide fully insured and partially self-funded plans to align your company's financial needs with the benefit needs of your employees.

Business is incredibly complicated today! Having an insurance team of professionals who have the experience and knowledge is essential to finding the right coverage.

Life Insurance

Insurance Partners Plus offers life insurance coverage from a number of national carriers. Life insurance is the important groundwork of financial security providing added protection against the uncertainties of life for our customers. Contact us to learn more about the life insurance products we offer.

Group Health

Because every employer is unique, Insurance Partners Plus evaluates and identifies the best plan for each employer and their employees. Our team helps find the ideal balance of plan benefits and premiums that fit within the budget of the employer and the employees. Find out more by contacting us.


By placing an emphasis on routine dental care, including regular checkups and preventive services, employees save on costly procedures and employers prevent absenteeism due to more serious dental problems. However, when more critical, and more expensive care arises, employees have a means to help subsidize the cost of procedures such as implants and crowns.


A routine eye exam should always be a part of your regular healthcare routine. It does more than just help you keep life in focus. It also helps your doctor see signs of common health conditions. Vision insurance will help pay for your routine checkups as well as helping with the cost for vision correction wear that may be prescribed by the attending physician.

Short Term Disability

A short-term disability plan provides you with peace of mind by bridging the coverage gap. Most plans provide coverage from 30 days up to 12 months. In comparison to other plans, short term disability insurance offers affordable premiums. We are ready to help you find the plan best suited for you and your company.


Telemedicine is a rapidly growing component of health care. It gives you 24/7 access to a doctor for many non-emergency medical issues using telecommunications technology that is a safe, convenient and cost-effective. Millions of patients are using telemedicine to monitor their vital signs, remain healthy and avoid hospitals and emergency rooms. To learn more, contact us.

Cancer Insurance

One in two people in the US are affected by cancer. If you or your immediate family were diagnosed with cancer, would your health insurance cover all of the potentially exorbitant expenses associated with treatment? Affordable coverage means extra comfort and protection to focus on more important things if you receice a positive diagnosis.

Critical Care Insurance

Rather than focusing entirely on cancer, critical care insurance provides supplemental coverage for other critical illnesses. Critical Illness coverage helps ease the financial burden so you can concentrate on your recovery. Typically, you are paid directly in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

General Liability

For small businesses, general liability insurance is the foundation of insurance protection. It offers benefits that can pay for lawsuits over third-party injuries & property damage and product liability. General liability insurance also provides protection of advertising injury lawsuits and immediate medical expenses for third parties injured on your business premises. To explore your options, contact us.

Business Owner Policy

Our goal is to protect your business from the costly distractions of property and bodily injury lawsuits so you can build your business. You may be eligible for bundled Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance coverage in an affordable Business Owner's Policy, or BOP, if your business is classified as low-risk. To confirm your eligibility and find the Business Owner's Policy that fits your business, contact Insurance Partners Plus!

Long Term Disability

When you cannot work or when you can only work part-time because of a disability or illness, long term disability helps replace some of your income when the unexpected happens. Don't be caught unprepared, contact us to help you get the right long term disability coverage at an affordable price.

Identity Theft

No one is 100% secure from having their identity stolen. However, identity theft insurance can reimburse you for restoring your identity and repairing credit reports. Generally, it covers expenses such as phone bills, lost wages, notary and certified mailing costs, and sometimes attorney fees (with the prior consent of the insurer). Is ID theft insurance right you?